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TamilRockers: A Couple of Associates (admin) of This website TamilRockers.com, That Is giving sleepless nights to Kollywood film Manufacturers and Producers, were reserved and detained, on Thursday in Coimbatore.  According to a source, It's the anti-piracy cell which tracked down the offenders who uploaded the pirated versions of Tamil, Along with other language films onto their website.  The website is thought to have link with global rackets, also. 

Lately, the website became popular among  Fans because of some rather large need and supply chain.  There are lots of people who have been determined by this website to watch films for some time today, and the requirement saw a sudden rise ahead of the release of Kabali, since the purchase price of the tickets at the first days cost a bomb.  The makers of this film planned to commence rigorous action against the website, coincidentally, another globally common piracy station KickassTorrent went offline, as its host has been detained.  Although TamilRockers had a challenging time in uploading the plagiarised duplicate of Kabali shortly after its theatrical release, they afterwards managed to perform it.

The continuous shift in their domains because the start of this season to prevent getting caught can be noteworthy.  Interestingly, when somebody asked the website to set their operations on hold throughout the release of the upcoming huge ticket film, S3 a while past, the group using a following of nearly 12K on Twitter responded on November 25, their support will soon be in full swing throughout the time of this movie's release, also.

The domains used from the Tamilrockers site lately are:

  • Tamilrockers .pm 
  • Tamilrockers .la 

Other domains allegedly utilized by Tamilrockers website are:

  • Tamilrockers .ax
  • tamilrockers-s.  co
  • Tamilrockers .tv
  • Tamilrockers . com
  • Tamilrockers .net

But after Tamilrockers leaked'Kaala' about the day of its release, the anti-piracy cell has announced that they've suspended the accounts of the website.  The twitter manage of this anti-piracy cell tweeted"Tfpc antipiracy cell has suspended http://tamilrockers.gs and http://tamilrage.eu.  #killpiracy #saynotopiracy".

About 4th July 2018, The Central Government of India encouraged Producers Council's anti-piracy staff to Go over the shortcomings in the Business.  "Breaking News: Central government has encouraged our Antipiracy staff to go over technical pitfalls and guaranteed maximum service to kill piracy.  We've been recognized as the ideal antipiracy staff in India.  Proud TFPC @VishalKOfficial @prabhu_sr" tweeted Tfpc antipiracy cell.

But after all of the attempts by the anti-piracy cell, Tamilrockers website is up again and again operating on various domainnames.  Netizens are publicly requesting the domain name of the website on Twitter.

About 14th September 2018, it had been noted that Tamilrockers website leaked Sivakarthikeyan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu starrer'Seema Raja'.

About 15th September 2018, Tamilrockers website allegedly leaked Samantha Ruth Prabhu's'U Turn' also.

About 12th October 2018, Fake Twitter accounts of Tamilrockers, that shared connections of pirated movies was suspended by TFPC Anti Piracy Cell, the official manage of this Anti Piracy Cell tweeted,"#Fake_account of all Tamilrockers that shared pirated movie links was suspended by TFPC Anti Piracy Cell.  #Kill_Piracy"

About 20th October 2018, Tamilrockers and domain names of another piracy websites were suspended by TFPC Anti Piracy Cell for pirating the movies - Vada Chennai and Sandaikozhi 2.  Dhanush and Vetri Maaran's film Vada Chennai and Vishal starrer Sandakozhi two were leaked on Tamilrockers website shortly after they were released.

About 4th November 2018, Tamil Rockers threatened to upload HD publish of Vijay's highly anticipated movie'Sarkar' on there prohibited website for internet download.

About 5th November 2018, in there struggle against piracy TFPC Anti Piracy Cell released a media release stating,"We ought to jointly work together with this and be certain that the burglar Tamil Rockers doesn't triumph.  We ought to appoint persons to each theater to carefully track.  If somebody is seen recording the film, we ask that they ought to be immediately reported to the authorities.  Further, we'd determined that all theaters should have CCTV cameras.  We need to remind relating to this via this letter"

About 6th November 2018, Tamilrockers website allegedly leaked pirated version of movie'Sarkar' illegally.  It remains to be seen when TFPC Anti Piracy Cell will have the ability to discover origin of this flow and do it again the website simply by down it from the web.  Vijay's fans have voiced disappointment about the flow and have asked police to take rapid actions.

About 8th November 2018, Aamir Khan - Amitabh Bachchan starrer Hindi movie'Thugs Of Hindostan' got leaked on Tamilrockers.  Following the escape, Tamil Film Producers Council released a statement stating that Tamil rockers have to be avoided from such piracy.  They also advocated theatre owners to set up individuals to stop moviegoers from recording movies.

About 10th November 2018, reports began making rounds which Tamilrockers had jeopardized on their societal networking account they will leak Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer'2.0' on the afternoon of it's release.  Shortly after this, the website conducted text to their website saying they aren't on social networking.

About 15th November 2018, Tamilrockers allegedly leaked forthcoming independent film, Variyavan.  Variyavan was a Tamil film, which has been under writting and directing of Karthik Gopal.  The film celebrities Parthy KL and Hari Kumar in lead roles.

About 28th November 2018, before the release of much-awaited movie'2.0', the Madras High Court led 37 net service providers (ISPs) to block over 12,000 websites which are responsible for leaking pirated versions of 2,000 TamilRockers domain names were a part of this listing.

About 29th November 2018, reports indicated that after Madras HC's choice to obstruct 2,000 domains worked by Tamilrockers, the website still was able to escape Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 online.  Fans took to societal websites to express that there displeasure concerning the flow and asked authorities to take rapid action against Tamil Rockers.  Meanwhile, the 2.0's group has made an appeal to the moviegoers to say no to piracy and see the movie just in theaters.  The official manage of this movie tweeted,"Hardwork of 4 yrs, crores of money, attempts of 1000s of technicians - all to provide you with a visual spectacle it's possible to see, love and revel in in THEATRES!  Don't spoil the experience.  SAY NO TO PIRACY!  Send all pirated hyperlinks to antipiracy@aiplex.com & aid Indian theatre glow!  #2Point0".

About 12th December 2018, Tamilrockers allegedly threatened to escape approaching Malayalam film Odiyan on the day of its release.  Odiyan is a dream thriller inspired by the folklore of Kerala and celebrities Mohanlal, Prakash Raj, Manju Warrier and Maqbool Salmaan in lead roles.  This movie is set for release on 14 December 2k18.

About 17th December 2018, The escape on Hollywood movie Aquaman and Mohanlal starrer Malayalam movie Odiyan on Tamilrockers was reported.

About 20th December 2018, Reports indicate Tamilrockers leaked Vijay Sethupathi's most up-to-date release Seethakaathi.  Directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan, this film is loosely based on the life span of Seethakathi, a rich philanthropist, who had a passion for Tamil literature and also famous for his generous character.

About 23th December 2018, Tamilrockers leaked Dhanush's film'Maari two ','' Sivakarthikeyan's film Kanaa and largest Kannada movie ever Yash starrer'KGF'.  Reports also indicated that Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif starrer Bollywood film'Zero' was also leaked on the website.

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