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Today we are discuss about the beautiful Hollywood actress Alexandra Daddario and their some Best movies according to IMDb.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario IMDb

Alexandra Anna Daddario born on  March 16, 1986 in New York City, New York, USA. as model and an actress alexandra is most popular actress of hollywood. alexandra is known for her extraordinary talent, hard work and their bright appearance. 

Best Movies of Alexandra Daddario According to IMDb.

 1. San Andreas. (2015)

     IMDb rating: 6.1
     Genres : Actin, Adventure, Drama.
San Andreas

San Andreas movie is based on Californian's massive earthquake and tsunami. san andreas movie story talk is how one rescue-chopper pilot save her little daughter and her ex wife against the earthquake and tsunami.

2. Percy Jackson Series. (2010/13)

     IMDb rating- 5.9
     Genres : Adventure, Family, Fantasy.
Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson move has two different part. 1. the lightning theft and 2. sea monster. Percy jackson is an adventure,family and fantasy movies series. Percy Jackson movies series IDMb score is 5.9. 

3. Baywatch (2017).

    IMDb rating- 5.6
   Genres : Action, Comedy, Crime.

Baywatch is alexandra's rocking movies of 2017. the movie start with how life guard save the tourist on sea beach with some funny moments and dialogues, but climax is shooting of ruthless businesswoman. 

4. Burying The Ex (2014)

    IMDb rating- 5.4
    Genres : Romance, Horror, Comedy
Burying The Ex

Burying The Ex is a story of a ghastliness fan's (Anton Yelchin) dead sweetheart (Ashley Greene) returns as a zombie and needs to proceed with their relationship until the end of time.

5. Bereavement (2010)

     IMDb rating- 5.1
    Genres : Horror, Thriller, Crime.

Bereavement film story is about a young man is kidnapped by a heartless insane person and compelled to witness his unsettled captor's unspeakable violations.

6. Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

     IMDb rating- 4.8
    Genres : Horror, Thriller.

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Decades back, occupants of Newt, Texas, since quite a while ago speculated that the Sawyer family was in charge of the vanishings of numerous individuals. At the point when their doubts at last were affirmed, vigilantes burnt the Sawyer compound and slaughtered each individual from the family - or so they thought. Substantially later, a young lady named Heather (Alexandra Daddario) discovers that she has acquired Texas property from an obscure relative, and she is uninformed of revulsions that anticipate in the manor's damp basement.

7. The Layover

    IMDb rating- 4.7
    Genres : Comedy.

The Layover

Closest companions Kate and Meg wind up vieing for a similar man while sitting tight for their plane to take off from St. Louis.

So this all movies are Alexandra Daddario's best movies with IMDb rating. we hope you are enjoying the article. for more stories like this, please stay tune with us. thank you.

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